FarmVille Mystery Game 11/23: find out what's inside

Tonight's FarmVille update brought with it a new selection of gifts from the Mystery Game. As usual, we have the details so that you can know what is inside before spending your precious cash.

First things first, everyone knows there is a White Unicorn inside because it's on the promotional ad within the Market for the Mystery Game. This will be no surprise, and it's easily the best item within the new Mystery Game. We have some sad news though: we're receiving reports that the Unicorn is NOT breedable. The Unicorn will not go inside your Horse Stable. This is a pretty big disappointment for those who are spending a lot of Farm Cash trying to get this special item.

Secondly, you cannot pay money to buy the items outright this time. The only way to get the items is to take random shots with the dart at the balloons. Here are the new items:

White Unicorn
Fall Bridge
Fall Fountain

What did you get in your Mystery Game? Did you get what you were looking for?
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