FarmVille Mustang now available for purchase in the market


Some of you farmers may remember a little feature back in May revolving around a Wild Mustang in FarmVille. At the time, lucky users were able to find and wrangle a Mustang for free via the help of their friends, but the feature was disabled almost as quickly as it was released.

Now, though, we've seen that some users are finding the Mustang available to purchase from the game's updated market, as seen in the screenshot at right. The Mustang costs 20 Farm Cash, and it labeled as a permanent addition to the store, with no limited time associated with it. It can be harvested every 3 days, as you'd expect, and we're also assuming that it can be placed within the Horse Stable, to remove the need to rely on Wandering Stallions to produce Foals.

As the Mustang has yet to roll around to all users, it is as-of-yet unclear as to whether or not this was a purposeful release, or just something Zynga is testing, so if you spot one in your own market and have any desire whatsoever to purchase it, now would be a good time.

Do you have the Mustang available to purchase in your own FarmVille store? Will you buy one of these seemingly rare animals? Let us know in the comments.

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