FarmVille kicks off Winter Holiday theme with new decorations


While you might have thought that Zynga would end the month of November in FarmVille with nothing but autumn leaves and turkeys, the developer has decided to jump into the next theme even as the Thanksgiving theme is still available in the store.

That being said, there are only a few decorations here to kick off the Winter theme, so don't panic about having to change your entire farm around just yet. The three items are the Gumdrop Tree, the Mini Train Set, and the Santa Scarecrow.

The Santa Scarecrow is the most affordable item, even with its high price tag of 100,000 coins, as the other two items are premium, Farm Cash items. The Gumdrop Tree costs 20 Farm Cash, while the Mini Train Set costs 25 Farm Cash. It should be noted that this Gumdrop Tree is purely decorative, can not be harvested from, and therefore is not available to master.

All of these Winter Holiday items come with a very generous time limit of 31 days, meaning that if you need some extra time to save up the coins, or even the Farm Cash necessary to make a purchase, you can go right ahead and do so.

As the Winter Holiday season is rapidly approaching, we'll be sure to keep bringing you all of the news about FarmVille's in-game celebration.

For now, let us know what you think of this first round of Winter Holiday items in the comments. Will you splurge on any of the three, or perhaps all three? Let us know what you think!