FarmVille: Deck your avatar out in Winter Holiday clothing


As part of the Winter Holiday celebration in FarmVille, Zynga has launched a series of four new clothing items for your in-game avatar. The items all cost Farm Cash, so I hope you've been saving them.

The most expensive, and the most elaborate item of the four is the Reindeer costume, which costs 10 Farm Cash. The other three items are sweaters, each of which costs 5 Farm Cash. There is a blue and white Snowman Sweater, a red, white, and green Holiday Tree sweater, and finally a green and white Snowflake Sweater.

Each of the sweaters will reward you with 175 experience points for purchasing, while the Reindeer offers double that amount, at 350 XP.

As with the new Winter Holiday decorations, the three sweaters come with a time limit of 31 days, while the Reindeer costume will only be available to purchase for the next 16 days. With what's sure to be a huge holiday celebration this month, now would be a great time to plan ahead for what you may want to spend on these goodies this winter.

Which of the three holiday sweaters is your favorite? Do you plan on dressing up like Rudolph this Christmas? Let us know in the comments.

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