Facebook Makes Progress in Attempt to Trademark 'Face'

Social-networking giant Facebook has made a bit of progress in its five-year effort to trademark the world "face" when used in certain contexts, such as in online chat rooms and social-networking efforts.

Facebook's 2005 application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office received a so-called "notice of allowance" on Tuesday, giving the closely held company six months to show that it uses the trademark, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

Nobody has filed an opposition to the pending trademark since Facebook first applied in December 2005. Meanwhile, Facebook in August filed a trademark-infringement claim against online community Teachbook.com for its use of the word "book," according to the AP.

Facebook has more than 500 million users, half of which log onto the site daily. Last month, the company announced it was participating in a $250 million fund -- in partnership with Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Amazon, Zynga, Comcast, Liberty Media and Allen & Co. -- to support entrepreneurs creating social-media applications and services.

Facebook.com in October attracted more than 151 million unique visitors, making it the fourth most-visited U.S. website behind Google (GOOG), Yahoo (YHOO) and Microsoft (MSFT), Web-tracking firm ComScore said Monday.

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