Cupcake Corner releases new tasty gift and fall recipe

Cupcake Corner Pilgrim Cupcake
Cupcake Corner Pilgrim Cupcake

Cupcake Corner keeps piling on the cute this Thanksgiving and fall season, and a new update today adds to your available selection. There is a brand new gift to send to friends, and a new recipe in the recipe book that can be mastered for a sweet prize.

The new gift is the Pilgrim Cupcakes gift, which is shown in the image on the right. You cannot bake this recipe, it can only be received through the gift page. This isn't your typical cupcake, and we like that added bit of creativity. The little cupcake looks just like a pilgrim, with the matching hat and all. You'll want to ask your friends for this cupcake, as you can't get your mouth on it any other way.

The new recipe in the book is the Double Layer Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. Of course, this isn't your typical Thanksgiving pie, this one is only for the best pastry chefs around. The added treat is that if you master this recipe to level 3 by November 29th, you'll receive 1 free Cupcake Cash. This recipe takes 7 hours, makes 300 servings, and gives out 1,500 coins and 120 coins. You will have to be level 10 to start mastering it though.

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