Black Friday Return Policies: Can You Take It Back?

Crumpled receipts for Black Friday Return PoliciesIt's easy to get swept up in the low prices and fast pace of Black Friday and sometimes we make impulsive buys. But before hitting the shops and spending your money on Friday morning, make sure you know what can be returned, just in case.

Here is a list of Black Friday return policies at some key retailers:Amazon: Most items purchased on Black Friday may be returned until Jan. 31 for a full refund. Gifts may be returned for an Amazon gift card, but some items, such as certain jewelry and grocery purchases, may not be returned. Amazon is featuring a full week of Black Friday deals, which started Monday, Nov. 22, and new sales will be posted daily.

Best Buy: Best Buy's holiday return policy does not change for Black Friday purchases. Any items bought on the deal day may be returned before Jan. 31. Computers are the exception, with only a 14-day return opportunity, and there's a 15% restocking fee on opened electronics.

PetSmart: Those shopping for furry friends on Nov. 26 may return most products for a full refund for up to 60 days with a receipt. After the 60 day window, or for returns without a receipt, shoppers receive merchandise credit for the most recent sale price of the item. Some exceptions include grooming supplies and fencing products. Some of PetSmart's Black Friday deals feature 50% off PetHoliday products and all turtles, hamsters, hermit crabs, bearded dragons and select geckos.

Sears: Sears' special holiday return window will also apply to items purchased on Black Friday. Most buys may be returned for up to 120 days after the date of purchase. Exceptions include electronics, which must be returned before 60 days and fine jewelry, before 90 days. Seasonal merchandise is not included in the special holiday return policy and non-returnable items, restocking fees and original packing rules still apply.

Target: Black Friday purchases still follow Target's standard return policy. Shoppers have a 90-day window with a receipt and may return up to $70 of merchandise within one year without a receipt. After customers reach the limit, they may exchange purchases for items within the same department. All Black Friday returns will be refunded at the clearance price, but a 15% restocking fee is applied to some electronics.

REI: REI will still follow its 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy for all purchases made on Black Friday. Returns and exchanges apply to any items originally bought at REI stores, outlets or online. On Nov. 26, stores will hand out $20 gift cards to the first 150 customers.

Walmart: The seasonal return policy at Walmart will apply to all Black Friday purchases. Many items can be returned for up to 90 days after the purchase, with a receipt. Most items that normally have shorter return windows will be extended. The typical time slot will begin as of Dec. 26 for items such as DVD and music players, TVs, cameras and computers. Without a receipt, shoppers can get cash back for any buys under $25 and merchandise credit for anything over $25.

Zappos: Any purchases, including those made on Black Friday, may be returned for up to a full year after the original sale. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday 2010, Zappos will also offer a VIP lifetime membership, which includes free overnight shipping.

Remember, check an individual store's policy before you shop, lest that Black Friday buy turn into your next White Elephant.
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