Baking Life brings back Magic items for Harry Potter release

Baking Life Magic Theme
Baking Life Magic Theme

Everyone's favorite confection game, Baking Life, has just re-released some old magic-themed items in honor of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie that released over the weekend. This new set includes mostly just decorations, including some of our favorite animated items from the last set.

The Magic Case is a floating case to place food that has finished cooking. Serve your customers in style with the Magic Goblin Register which costs 18 Zip Cash, and is a cute little Goblin sitting on top of a register. For doors, there are two choices - the Magic Gate for 15 Zip Cash and the Magic Wood Door for 50,000 coins. There are three new items for wall decor, including the Magic Wizard Painting (shown to the right), the Magic Candle, and the Magic Bookshelf. The Magic Table and Chair are back as well, and finally - the Magic Book, Cauldron, Magic Mop, and Pet Dragon are all longtime favorites.

We're enjoying all the games that are releasing decorations for Harry Potter. Are we missing any games that have Harry Potter decorations? Tell us in the comments!

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