Airport Investigating Whether Teen Fell From Plane in Boston

Officials at Boston Logan International Airport have been asked by law enforcement to investigate whether a 16-year-old boy could have stowed away in a plane and fallen to his death.

The circumstances are strange: Delvonte Tisdale's mutilated body was discovered November 15th at 9:30 p.m. on the lawn of a suburban home in Milton, Massachusetts. The boy-from Charlotte, North Carolina-had broken arms and legs, and his remains were found scattered in two different places and an autopsy found no clear sign of death.

The Federal Aviation Administration and officials from Logan told the Boston Herald jets inbound to Boston from the south drop their landing gear right over Milton, at about 2,000 feet in the air-and one came in from North Carolina the night Tisdale's body was discovered.

"As they approach runway 4 Right, usually wheels go down at about that height," said Logan spokesman Phil Orlandella to the Herald.

Still, Orlandella seems to not think the idea that the boy fell from a plane is likely. "There's a remote possibility - a remote possibility," he said.

Tisdale's parents are equally baffled.

"My son was a hard-working young man. He didn't frequent the streets ... he loved ROTC ... and video games," said the boy's father, Anthony Tisdale to the Herald.

According to the FAA, there have been 63 flights carrying wheel-well stowaways since 1996. Some had multiple people stowing away, but 60 of the stowaways died while 12 survived. Just last month, a runaway Russian teen made news when he survived a 50-minute flight in a turboprop aircraft wearing only a light coat.

Photo by Eric Kilby on flickr.

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