Air Passenger Questioned After Taking Too Many Bathroom Breaks

An air traveler who "alarmed other passengers" by taking too many trips to the bathroom was pulled off a plane by law enforcement Tuesday, and then a K-9 unit was brought on board as a precaution.

The passenger was onboard U.S. Airways flight 1525 from Charlotte, North Carolina to Denver, Colorado when his frequent trips to the bathroom raised suspicion, reported 9 News in Denver.

The unnamed passenger of Middle Eastern descent was questioned about a possible medical condition, but there is no word on his condition or exactly how many bathroom breaks he took in order to cause alarm.

A K-9 unit checked the plane as a precaution, but nothing suspicious was found in the aircraft bathroom or anywhere else on board.

"Per standard procedures, law enforcement and TSA personnel met the flight. The passenger was questioned and released and the plane was swept, both with negative findings," TSA spokesperson Carrie Harmon said in a statement.

Photo by Chad Magiera on flickr.

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