Treasure Isle Thanksgiving Holiday Sweepstakes: Win a trip to Hawaii

Treasure Isle Hawaii
Treasure Isle Hawaii

For Treasure Isle players, Thanksgiving probably screams, "trip to a beautiful island." Luckily for you, Zynga read your minds and decided that would be the perfect grand prize for its Thanksgiving Holiday Sweepstakes--more specifically a trip to Hawaii for two. For five days and four nights, you and a friend could enjoy the wonders of Hawaii on Zynga's dime. While we doubt you'll find much buried treasure, it'll still be on helluva time. Besides, you probably don't want to try and bring a shovel, machete or lava mangoes on a plane these days.

To qualify, you'll first need to--gasp--register your e-mail address with Zynga through Treasure Isle. Though according to the official rules, you can enter via snail mail as well. After signing over your life over to spam (kidding, it's really not that bad), you'll need to complete all of the recent Thanksgiving quests and complete the Banquet Table. On top of that, you'll also need to finish the Ziggurat Relic. Once you've completed each task, it seems that you'll be automatically considered for the random drawing on Dec. 10. For the surprisingly lucky runners up, 10 contestants will win an iPad while another 100 will score a free t-shirt.

While the random drawing will take place on Dec. 10, you only have until Nov. 30 at midnight to finish the requirements and register your e-mail address with Treasure Isle. Those are some pretty daunting tasks, so you better get work ASAP if you want a chance at escaping this expectantly frigid winter for a little while. Though, an iPad wouldn't hurt either.

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