Mafia Wars Game Cards offer more Reward Points than ever

Mafia Wars Game CardMaybe it's the giving spirit of the holidays (or more likely a preparation for Black Friday), but no matter what inspired it Zynga has increased the amount of Reward Points you'll find in Mafia Wars Game Cards. Unfortunately, Zynga hasn't revealed by exactly how much the cards have increased in value, though they do remain at the same price as before. So, either way this is a deal.

Included in the update are new price points for the Game Cards to coincide with the Zynga Game Cards with $10 and $15 options. Before, Mafia Wars Game Cards were only offered for $25 and $50. And if you want to avoid the ravenous crowds this Friday morning, you can gift any Zynga Game Card through e-mail using Zynga's service. Besides, everyone knows that Cyber Monday is way cooler than Black Friday.

Are you a Mafia Wars Game Card user? If not, will this push you over the fence to finally buy some virtual goods from Zynga? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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