Kelli Space Has a $189,182.39 Outstanding Student Loan Debt

student loanOn her website Kelli Space confesses to having $189,182.39 outstanding in student loans from her undergraduate days at Northeastern University. She set up that site to ask your help in paying the loans off.

Space, who's 23, did get a job after she received her bachelor's degree. But she lives with her parents because the monthly nut on the loans is $891. In November 2011, that monthly bill will be $1600 monthly for 20 years, reports Gawker.

Space explains the mess she got into as the result of being the first in her family to attend college. Therefore, she was not properly tuned into how much debt to take on and what kind of income she could anticipate earning with a college degree.

As of today, the public has pitched in about a $1,951.40 toward retiring Space's debt. Space's ultimate goal is to raise $200K so that makes only $198,048.60 to go.

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