FrontierVille Flash Mob Party will test your homestead trivia skills

For the first time ever, FrontierVille is the location of the next big flash mob. Well, not literally, but at least on the forums. Players can log into Zynga's community forums as of this writing and partake in the FrontierVille Flash Mob Party within this thread. It's there that players will be asked five sets of 10 questions and the first to answer each set correctly will win 50 Horseshoes.

This is a new community event that the Zynga community team is testing and considering the thread already have 86 pages to its name, we're going to take an educated guess and say that it's fairly successful. Be sure to jump as soon as you can for a chance at some Horseshoes and bragging rights for the whole FrontierVille community to see. Do you think you know everything about FrontierVille? Then name five different Mystery Animals... go! Not here, in the forums, silly. Hopefully, this means future Flash Mob community events for more Zynga games to come as I know we could school you folks in FarmVille trivia. C'mon, it's our job to know this stuff.

What game would you like to see get it's own Flash Mob? What other community engagement events would you like to see the Zynga community team take on? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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