BP Emergency Spill Claims Due by Midnight


Today is the deadline for individuals and businesses impacted by the Gulf Oil spill to apply for emergency claims from BP's (BP) $20 billion fund.

Fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg, 65, has already paid out more than $1.9 billion in compensation. President Barack Obama appointed Feinberg, a lawyer who oversaw compensation of 9/11 victims, to handle the fund.

Feinberg faces intense criticism from lawmakers, state officials and business groups about the way he has handled the Gulf compensation. They accuse of him of inconsistency in how claims are evaluated and offering too little money.

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"People are frustrated, and they get more frustrated when they hear about people who are doing the same job in some other industry but are getting checks," said Beverly Martin, director of the Mississippi Casino Operators Association.

As of Nov. 20, more than 411,000 claims had been submitted. More than 122,000 claims were paid or approved, and almost 61,200 denied.

BP is paying Feinberg's company $850,000 a month administer the fund.