FarmVille creator Zynga is 'not for sale,' CEO says

Mark Pincus
Mark Pincus

But going public is a likely possibility. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Zynga CEO Mark Pincus (pictured) revealed his intentions for the $5.5 billion social game company. For starters, "Zynga is not for sale. That is not my goal," Pincus said. "I want to build an international treasure; an entity which lasts in people's live for a long time."

While Zynga, soon to release CityVille--its seventh game--has partnered with several companies including its largest investor, Google, giving all that up for a massive wad of cash apparently isn't on Pincus' agenda. Besides, most of the greatest companies in the world didn't get where they are by selling out, right? However, selling hasn't been ruled out entirely, though IPO might be his next move for Zynga.

"I cannot say Zynga will never be up for sale but we are more likely to IPO [go public] rather than be sold. Being sold is not my ambition," Pincus said. "Going public makes it easier for investors to monetize your product." A horribly brief description of IPO, or initial public offering, would be that it's when a company releases extra shares for anyone and everyone to gobble up (including other corporations)... or scoff at and look toward the next big thing. In other words, it's extremely risky as the company in question could lose millions.

Though, it might be Zynga's only option if it wants to grow into the next Internet buzz word, which is exactly what Pincus has in mind. "I want 'Zynga' to be become to a verb, like 'to Google' has," said Pincus. "I want people to 'Zynga' each other and for the word to become completely aligned with gaming."

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