Delta Considers Refunds Over Screening Issues

If you decide dealing with body scanners and pat-downs and other new airport security measures is too much of a hassle, Delta Air Lines may be willing to give you a refund.

The carrier says it is issuing refunds on a case-by-case basis for passengers who cancel travel plans in the wake of enhanced Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening procedures.

But other carriers don't appear to be following suit.

American Airlines is not changing its ticket policies because it does not control the security procedures, says spokesman Tim Smith. Non-refundable tickets will remain non-refundable.

Officials at Continental and US Airways likewise say only passengers with refundable tickets should expect to get their money back if they decide not to travel.

Some travelers are threatening to protest screening procedures on Wednesday by refusing to go through full-body scanning machines, instead forcing TSA workers to do more time-consuming pat-downs and potentially causing long security lines for Thanksgiving holiday travelers.

Both Delta and American say they are seeing few cancellations due to the security steps.

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