Apple Sells 2 Million Beatles Songs on iTunes in First Week


Apple (APPL) sold 2 million Beatles songs -- and 450,000 Beatles albums -- in the first week that it made the songs available on iTunes.

The bestselling Beatles album on iTunes, which launched the Beatles downloads a week ago on Nov. 16, has been 1969's Abbey Road, while the most popular song so far is "Here Comes the Sun" from the same album.

The Beatles allowed Apple to sell its songs on iTunes after years of wrangling over trademark issues. The group's Apple Corp. settled its most recent round with Apple in 2007.

Apple's iTunes store offers the Beatles's 13 remastered studio albums, selling single albums for $12.99, double albums for $19.99 and individual songs for $1.29 each. iTunes also sells a box set for $149.

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