Rare Apple I Computer Sells for $210,000 at London Auction

An Apple I, one of only 200 computers the company made for its first-ever sales model in 1976, sold at a London auction for about $210,000, the Associated Press reported.

The computer, which has a processor speed 1,000 times slower than an Apple (AAPL) iPad, was sold Tuesday at Christie's auction house. The package included its original packaging and a signed sales letter from Apple co-founder and current CEO Steve Jobs, according to the wire service.

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When it hit the market, the model was the only personal computer to include a fully assembled motherboard, though it didn't have a keyboard or monitor, the AP said, citing Christie's. It was purchased by Italian businessman Marco Boglione, according to the wire service.

The Apple I, which sold for $666.67, was discontinued in 1977.

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