YoVille Thanksgiving theme expands with 41 new decorative items

As we told you last week, Zynga has officially begun celebrating Thanksgiving in YoVille's Furniture Store. At the time, there were only 27 items available in the theme, but all of that has changed now, as 41 new items have joined the fray, bringing the grand total of available options to 68 items.

These new items come in the form of outdoor chairs, bar stools (in Gold, Peach, Green and Brown varieties), new decorative food items like Salmon, Loin Steak and Prime Rib platters, decorated wooden turkey baskets, cutlery (tongs, knives, whisks and other cooking equipment), and even large outdoor umbrellas, in case you want to imagine that your YoVille avatar lives in a warmer climate.

Most of these items are fairly inexpensive, as far as the game's average pricing goes. For example, the knives, tongs, and other kitchen utensils cost just 199 coins each. The plates of food cost just 250 coins, and the most expensive item here is the Umbrella (also available in four colors: Gold, Peach, Green, and Brown), which costs 1,299 coins. That might seem like a lot, but you can get a lot of the other items for much less, meaning that even if you skipped the umbrella, your home can still be filled with all of the goodies you need to make your Thanksgiving celebration a success.

As with most other holiday items, we're assuming these items will only be available in the store for a short time after the Thanksgiving holiday passes, so you'll want to stock up on these items while you can in order to have a chance at collecting them all.

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Have you already begun celebrating Thanksgiving in YoVille, or will you start after seeing these new items being released in the game? Let us know in the comments.