Treasure Isle Thanksgiving Campaign: Everything you need to know

Turkey Tots
Turkey Tots

And just when you thought Zynga was going to forget about Thanksgiving in Treasure Isle, the team has decided to honor the original island hoppers with new quests, maps to explore and limited edition items. Up first is the setting of these new events, the Gravy Isles. Expiring in 21 days, the Gravy Isles include Forest Friends and Cranberry Fields first available with Festive Feast, Seasonal Squash and Corn Cobb Hill becoming available as you train your Turkey--but more on that later.

In Cranberry Fields and Forest Friends, you'll be presented with your first quest, "Turkey Tots":

  • Find and Disguise 10 Turkey Tots

  • Collect 25 Cranberries

  • Buy one Plough from the Market (500 coins)

Completing this mission within 12 hours will score players the Gold Prize of 600 coins and 40 XP. Return to your home island for yet another mission that you'll find more about behind the break.