Pet Society Restaurant Week brings new decorations a la carte

Pet Society Restaurant Week brings new decorations a la carte
Fur of Venus
Frying Pan

Restaurant City has invaded Pet Society, but not in the way you think. Unfortunately, Maggie will not be making an appearance, but there are several items inspired by the sister game in Playfish's pet care game all week including new Mystery Box gifts such as a Smoked Meat Selection from the Gold Mystery Box and a Bar Neon Sticker from the Blue. There is also a Frying Pan for your pet to carry that can be found on the Weekly Dig.

In addition to a slew of restaurant-themed furniture--which can be purchased in one big bundle for and wallpaper, there are also five elegant paintings that have been given the pet treatment like "Pet with a Pearl Earring" and "The Fur of Venus" available in the Boutique. To get your pets ready for a swanky trip to the local bistro there are a few new outfits such as the Waiter, the Chef Dress and Mon Petite Cherie Elegant Outfit. Of course, it wouldn't be Restaurant Week without the food, so you find dishes like Lamb Chop with Rosemary and Sole Meuniere in the Grocery.

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