Honda May Be Investigated for 2005 Accord Hybrid Accident


Honda Motor (HMC) may be the subject of a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) investigation because of possible acceleration problems with its Honda Accord Hybrid that may have caused a 2005 crash that killed one person, the Associated Press reported citing NHTSA documents.

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The potential recall, which would involve investigating the Accord Hybrid's antilock braking controls, could apply to about 25,000 vehicles, the wire service said.

Honda competitor Toyota Motor (TM) has recalled more than 10 million vehicles over the past year largely because of unintended acceleration complaints, while being subject to hundreds of lawsuits. Most of the recalls were caused by stuck accelerators and gas pedals getting caught on floor mats.

A woman filed a complaint with NHTSA seeking an Accord Hybrid recall after being injured in a July 2005 crash that injured her and killed one passenger, AP reported, citing NHTSA documents, in which the woman said her car crashed into oncoming traffic after losing braking power and accelerating on its own.

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