FrontierVille: Serve your neighbors a feast for free Thanksgiving dishes


As most of us have come to learn by now, the final level of the Thanksgiving Feast missions in FrontierVille asks us to collect a whopping 40 of each food item associated with the event, those being Cranberry Sauce, Roast Turkeys, Sweet Potatoes, and Delicious Pies.

And while we all might be used to posting item requests on our walls and receiving help from friends, did you also know that you can gather some of your own ingredients, just by visiting friends? It's true, as we've come to learn that by simply visiting neighbors, and using one of your five daily actions to "Serve the Feast" at a neighbor's Thanksgiving table, you have a chance to earn one of the four main food items for yourself.

To be clear, this isn't a guaranteed opportunity, as you can also walk away with a small bundle of food, a single reputation point and an experience point. While you may not be guaranteed to receive a food item, if you're already visiting your friends as part of your daily routine or to complete an entirely separate quest, why not take a few seconds to see if you can spawn a free Thanksgiving dish while you're there? Even if just four or five friends' tables give you food items, that's four or five less items you have to wait for your friends to send.

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Have you had any success with this feature in FrontierVille, or is this the first you're hearing of it? Let us know in the comments.