Four Things Unemployed Can Be Grateful About This Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving 2010 finally brings the unemployed reasons to be grateful. Here are four of them.

  1. More confidence in economy. Those doing the hiring indicate more optimism than they had in a long time. For example, the recent Grant Thornton survey found that 80 percent of executives in banking see the economy improving or staying the same. Last year, 86 percent were pessimistic.

  2. Boom could be ahead. Economic thinkers such as Richard Florida frame the current pain as nothing but a necessary "reset"' Florida explains in his new book 'The Great Reset' that a new economy is being shaped as the old one blows up into a million bits. That will give birth to new industries, companies, and jobs.

  3. Internet ad sales up. One of the emerging economic indicators is online ad sales. And, they're up along with the number of jobs for selling them, reports Sales-jobs.fins. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, during the first two quarters of 2010, those sales increased 11.3 percent since that time period the year before.

  4. Black Friday turnaround. Analysts are expecting four million more shoppers in stores this weekend than had been there last year. The Times News predicts that overall holiday sales revenues will hit $447 billion or up 2.3 percent from 2009.

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