ESPNU College Town Swimming Update brings waves of change

Players itching to dip their feet into a real pool finally have their chance thanks to Playdom's most recent update to ESPNU College Town. Swimming is finally a collegiate sport in the game with a new venue, though again no new All Stars have been added. While it seems that for now the primary college sports will be football, basketball, baseball, softball and soccer, there is still reason to include this venue as it'll serve as a constant source of income much like the Track and Field venue.

Events currently include just standard swim meets for each division, but yield a good amount of coins and XP. Also included in the update is Field Hockey as a sport, though it's basically an extra set of events for the Soccer venue. For the activist crowd, a Political Rally event has been added to the Football venue that costs 8,250 coins and provides 10,800 coins and 30 XP over three hours for Level 30 players.

Find even more changes after the break.

Entomology Dept.
The Entomology Department has been added to the available list of Academia for those creepy bug lovers (kidding...sort of). Higher level Entertainment buildings have been added including:

  • Book Department Store (16,500 coins): 66 XP and 312 coins every two hours
  • Laundromat (7,750 coins): 31 XP and 33 coins every seven minutes
  • Diner (13,500 coins): 54 XP and 210 coins every hour
  • Auto Body Shop (11,250 coins): 45 XP and 47 coins every 20 minutes

Also included in this massive update is a slew of decorations including a Pennant Fountain, Flag Courtyard and Banner Pedestal that will display your school's colors with each costing 20,000 coins. Also, the Premium Stadiums now offer a School Spirit bonus as well as premium events that can dish out double the return of normal stadiums. And finally, the random factor of Challenges has been completely removed, leaving it purely up to stats to decide matches, which will surely be both a good and bad thing. Check out the forums for more information on this update and start practicing that backstroke.

What do you think of the new changes and additions to ESPNU? Which will you be taking advantage of first and what else would you like to see changed? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.
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