ESPNU College Town: ESPN Arcade QB Assault brings twice the game

QB Assault
QB Assault

ESPN is integrating ESPNU College Town into nearly every facet of its online presence, so it would only make sense that ESPN Arcade is next in line. To help get the word out about ESPN's games hub, Playdom has introduced ESPN Arcade QB Assault to the game. A football tossing arcade game, this decoration would rest perfectly beside your ESPN SportsNation Pool Party.

To nab this limited edition item, all you need to do is click here:

From there, just follow the instructions in the green text box and you should be redirected to your own campus. You'll see a notice reading, "Congratulations! Your Promotional Code has been validated." Click "Continue," and your exclusive gift should be in your gift inventory, ready to bring some fun to your campus. And how fun it is! Clicking on the item within your game will send you to the actual ESPN Arcade game, QB Assault, which couldn't be a more fitting time killer while you wait for your events to tick down. The question is, however, can you play two games at once (probably)?

How do you like this new promotional item from ESPN? What other ESPN properties would you like to see make their way into ESPNU? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.