Earn 220 Facebook Credits in Happy Pets through ProFlowers promotion


Similar to the new promotion currently going on in Cafe World, CrowdStar has teamed up with ProFlowers to offer players of Happy Pets a chance at 220 free Facebook Credits.

All you have to do to earn these free Facebook Credits, valued at $22 US, is make a purchase through ProFlowers this week, in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. ProFlowers offers gifts in addition to flowers, like cupcakes, chocolates and more. This promotion will offer those interested up to 50% off certain items, and you'll see your Facebook Credits loaded into your account almost instantly upon making a valid purchase with a credit card.

What's especially great about this promotion is the fact that Facebook Credits are so universally used in Facebook games. Sure, you can earn these free credits through Happy Pets, but you can then turn around and spend them on any number of different games, whether created by CrowdStar or not.

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Will you take advantage of this Happy Pets offer, or will you stick with earning free Cafe Cash in Cafe World? Let us know in the comments.