City of Wonder: Gifts of Wonder visits Jamestown, birthplace of the colonies

Jamestown Colony
Jamestown Colony

Jamestown, where it all began or where it all ended for you half-glass-empty folk. Playdom has paid homage to this iconic colonial settlement through Gifts of Wonder in City of Wonder. Much like 5 Days of Gifting in Social City, you'll have five days to send and request each daily gift in order to win the grand prize gift. In this case, players will send one another pieces of the Jamestown settlement to finally receive the Jamestown Colony. Here's what you'll need to gift on each day:

  • Day One: Jamestown House (40 population every 45 minutes)

  • Day Two: Jamestown Lodge (42 population every 45 minutes)

  • Day Three: Jamestown Wall (4 Attack, 18 Defense)

  • Day Four: Jamestown Tower (7 Attack, 15 Defense)

  • Day Five: Jamestown Field (50 coins every two hours, 20 Trade)

Make sure you don't miss a day or you won't be rewarded with the Jamestown Colony, a Wonder that grants a two percent boost to goods and markets and 350 Trade. You only have a little over seven hours to get yourself the Jamestown House, so hurry if you want a free Wonder.

What do you think of this edition of Gifts of Wonder? Need more willing friends to make sure you get the grand prize? Then collaborate in the comments. Add Comment.

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