Cafe World Thanksgiving Mystery Crate holds animated items inside

Thanksgiving Mystery Crate
Thanksgiving Mystery Crate

While Zynga has already released its round of Thanksgiving items in Cafe World, the team has released a convenient albeit risky way of getting some of the best in this year's collection. For a limited time, players can get their hands on one of five animated Thanksgiving items through the Thanksgiving Mystery Crate.

For 10 Cafe Cash, or about $2, players will have a chance at items like the Happy Scarecrow, which normally costs 13 Cafe Cash (about $2.50),and Thanksgiving Dinner, a 15 Cafe Cash item (around $3). While Zynga didn't ruin the whole surprise, we can imagine the other three animated items inside will also go for Cafe Cash. So, that leaves the Crazy Turkey, Pile of Leaves and Squirrel Autumn Tree as possible items that are hidden inside, which normally cost 14 and 15 Cafe Cash, respectively. Not too shabby for an item that only costs $2. Not to mention that you're bound to get an interesting item. So, if you're feeling lucky, take a stab at one of these five animated Thanksgiving items. Preferably the turkey, because they're delicious.

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Will you be taking you chances on the Thanksgiving Mystery Crate? Which item do you hope to win most? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.