Mafia Wars: Earn a free Reward Point from Windows Phone

Similar to the Windows Phone promotion that recently took place in FarmVille, Zynga has launched a new Windows Phone promotion in Mafia Wars, allowing users to watch a series of very short videos advertising Windows Phones and then vote on your favorite.

Technically, you only have to watch one of the three videos, and then click the Vote button next to it in order to qualify for your free Reward Point. You'll know that you've received your prize when it says "You've earned your Reward Points" in the top right corner of the new window that appears.

Sure, this is only a single Reward Point, but it is free, and considering the high price of most premium items in Mafia Wars, it never hurts to boost your account balance, even if it is only by one.

Will you take part in the new Windows Phone promotion in Mafia Wars, or do you think the reward is too small to make it worth your time? Let us know in the comments.
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