It Girl celebrates Thanksgiving with new Fall Leaves Couture line


If you're in the mood for some Thanksgiving themed couture in It Girl, you've come to the right place, as CrowdStar has released a series of four new items into the game's Catalog. These "Fall Leaves" inspired items come with a range of Point Boosts, making them perfect for either lower level players, looking for a major boost, or higher level players that just want a cool accessory.

The four items are as follows:

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Costume - Outdoor appropriate - 79 Points - 61 Facebook Credits ($6.10 US)
Deep V Autumn Dress - Outdoor, Casual, Classy, Night Life - 33 Points - 57 Facebook Credits ($5.70)
Fall Leaves Buckle Platforms - Outdoor, Casual, Classy, Night Life - 21 Points - 51 Facebook Credits ($5.10)
Thigh High Autumn Socks - Outdoor, Casual, Classy, Night Life - 8 Points - 26 Facebook Credits ($2.60)

These items are limited edition, meaning that they will only be available in the store until they sell out. Currently, all four items are available in quantities of at least 1600, so experience tells us you have plenty of time left to shop. Still, to make the most out of these clothing items, it'd be smart to purchase them before the Thanksgiving holiday arrives in order to really stand out.

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What do you think of these Thanksgiving couture items? Will you dress up as a Pilgrim in order to celebrate the holiday? Let us know in the comments.