Happy Pets adds Arcade Games - Play to win prizes!

CrowdStar has added an entirely new feature to Happy Pets in the form of the Arcade. The Arcade currently only has one game to play within it, but we've been told that there will be more in the future. Playing these games will earn users tickets that they can then redeem for in-game prizes.

As of right now, the only game available is called Make a Match. You'll need to pay Facebook Credits to try the game, with "tries" being available to purchase in groups of 5, 8, or 11 Tries. 5 Tries costs 6 Facebook Credits, or $0.60 US, while 11 Tries jumps the price all the way to 16 Facebook Credits, or $1.60.

The prizes available range from pets (Psychedelic pets, Pandas, and the like) to accessory items like fur dyes for your pets. As of right now, there are pages for both Goods and Furnishings in the prize shop, but they are currently empty. As for the prices, you'll be able to purchase a fur dye for 65 tickets, while the pets themselves cost anywhere from 125 to 240 tickets.

It's nice to see CrowdStar adding another way for users to get their hands on premium pets, even if it does seem to equate to simply purchasing them outright either way (since playing the games themselves takes Facebook Credits). It will be interesting to see if they add a free version to the Arcade Games feature, and we'll be sure to let you know if that is the case.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of this new feature in Happy Pets. Will you pay Facebook Credits to earn tickets, or will you stick with purchasing your items outright with your premium credits? Let us know in the comments.