FrontierVille Thanksgiving Contest: Bake goodies for massive rewards


Similar to the FarmVIlle Dessert Contest that is asking users to bake FarmVille themed goodies in the real world for a chance to earn prizes in Zynga's massive farming game, so too has the developer announced a new contest for FrontierVille players, also asking them to let go of the computer mouse (at least for a few minutes) in order to create a FrontierVille-themed dish in the real world for submission in the FrontierVille Thanksgiving Contest.

This contest asks users to cook any sort of FrontierVille-themed dish, whether that ends up being a dessert, an entree, or otherwise. Simply take a picture of your dish, add a brief description about the dish (what is it, how is it themed, and so on), and post it to this thread on the official FrontierVille forums.

Zynga will let the community vote on entries, and the top ten that receive the most votes will receive a whopping 1,500 Horseshoes, 1 million coins, and 1 Mystery Animal Crate. You have until November 28 to submit a dish, so get cooking!

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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Will you enter the FrontierVille Thanksgiving Contest? What would you do if you won 1,500 Horseshoes? Sound off in the comments.

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