Best Pumpkin Pie? We Rank The House Brands

best pumpkin pie ranked
best pumpkin pie ranked

Of all the columns Store Brand Scorecard has done, tasting different brands of food for you, the dear people, this was one of our most anticipated -- we were sampling pumpkin pie!

For the last few weeks we've been trying out different brands of classic Thanksgiving sides such as cornbread stuffing and jellied cranberry sauce, discovering that store brand versions from Walmart and Aldi not only tasted better than Stove Top and Ocean Spray, respectively, but they cost less too. Every saved penny helps this time of year, when college kids' budgets are tighter than usual from buying presents for loved ones (and drinks for end of semester shindigs).

This week, pumpkin pie is on our plate -- that sweet, reassuring co-star to the big bad turkey. Without it, Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same. But we were extremely dismayed that of the five pumpkin pies we tried, only one was superb. The rest were subpar or, sad to say, terrible.