Nightclub City: Say "Yee haw" for new Nashville theme!

Booyah has added an entirely new theme to Nightclub City this week, in the form of Nashville. The biggest element of this new theme is the fact that you can now pay to move your club to Nashville for $1 million, where you'll earn more from drinks, as guests will gladly pay for the southern hospitality and casual experience they'll find in this new club location.

In addition, if you choose to move your club to Nashville, you'll unlock access to purchasing a whole array of country-themed decorations, like a pool table, juke box, wooden crates and tables, dark wood flooring, a fireplace (complete with mounted skull overhead), outlaw booths, and even a mechanical bull that adds a whopping 3700 Luxury Points to your club.

For those that move to Nashville, three new Parties will unlock. The first is Honky Tonk Heaven, which takes 4 hours to plan, but rewards $75,000 and 90 Party Points. Hoedown Throwdown takes 12 hours to plan, and rewards $40,000 and 60 Party Points, and finally, the Willie's Whiskey Shoot party takes a full 24 hours to plan, rewards $75,000 and 90 Party Points.

Finally, you'll be able to play appropriate music in your new Nashville club, as a Gloriana track list is now available to play (this list is available even if you don't move your club).

It's nice to see Booyah adding such themed content to Nightclub City, especially for an entirely new musical genre, but the price tag to move clubs might be enough to persuade players in the other direction.

What do you think of the addition of Nashville to Nightclub City? Will you move your club there for a little southern style, or are you fine where you are? Let us know in the comments.

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