FrontierVille Turkey Collection: Accelerate your crop growth with this new collection


Along with the Thanksgiving Missions that have launched in FrontierVille, you can also find a new Prize Turkey available to purchase from the game's store. This Turkey is a limited edition animal, available for 24 Horseshoes. It will only be available to purchase for the next 11 days.

Just as other animals in the game, this new Turkey also introduces a new collection to the game, in the form of the Turkey Collection. This collection can be completed by harvesting or grooming your Turkey(s), with the five items being seen above. They are the Turkey Knife (yikes!), Turkey Leg, Turkey Stuffing, White Meat, and Dark Meat.

Upon completing this collection, you can voluntarily turn it in to earn an Accelerate Crop Boost and 50 XP. As you would expect, this new Boost accelerates the growth of crops, in those cases that you need to harvest a certain number of a particular crop (say, Peanuts), but don't want to wait the full 4 days for them to grow.

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Will you purchase a Turkey with Horseshoes just to complete this collection, or will you just hope that your friends will have Turkeys you can earn these items from instead? Let us know your thoughts on this expensive new animal, and animal collection, in the comments.