FrontierVille Thanksgiving Feast Missions: Everything you need to know

While we're all familiar with the basic set of Thanksgiving Missions in FrontierVille - those being "Thanksgiving Part I of V" and so on, once you complete Part IV of V (which sees you preparing the First Course of the Thanksgiving Feast at your Feast Table) you'll actually trigger the unlocking of a second themed mission set, all concerned with continuing the feast.

Meet us behind the break for details concerning this Thanksgiving Feast Mission set.

The first part of this mission set is entitled "Kickstartin' Your Appetite Fer Thanksgiving!" and it asks you to simply prepare the Second Course at the Feast Table.

You'll be able to complete the Second Course in much the same way as you completed the First. Simply click on your Feast Table, click on "Prepare Second Course" and then collect the items necessary on the menu that appears, as seen below.

For those that have yet to attempt completing the first Course (back in the regular Thanksgiving Missions), you'll need to give FrontierVille permission to automatically post to others' walls on your behalf, in order to ask for Feast RSVPs and the Serving Spoons. In order to do this, you'll need to click on the "Allow" button when asked if you'd like FrontierVille to be given this right.

As for the other four ingredients, the Cranberry Sauce, the Sweet Potatoes, Delicious Pie, and Roast Turkey, you can earn these by posting regular requests to your wall for your friends to respond to. However, when you respond to such a request yourself, you'll actually be given the chance of collecting any of the four items for yourself, rather than just receiving the same item in return. This gives you a chance to more easily finish these Courses, as you'll be able to collect just the right ingredient that you still need for the meal.

After completing the second course, you'll move onto a mission called "Jack's Burnin' the Thanksgiving Salad!" which requires you to prepare the third course. This is done in the same way as shown above, you'll just need to collect more of each ingredient in order to fulfill the mission.

Likewise, after completing the third course, you'll move onto "Fowl Language," a mission that asks you to complete the entire Feast. This is actually the "Fourth Course," if it were titled in such a way, and will see you collecting even more ingredients yet.

As you complete these Courses, your Thanksgiving Feast Table will expand and change in complexity, along with gaining more of the in-game characters that will grab a seat around the dinner table. After finishing the first course, Frontier Jack will be joined by Fanny Wildcat, the school teacher, and so on and so forth after that.

Both of the Thanksgiving Mission sets will expire in a little over 11 days, from the time of this writing, so start collecting these ingredients quickly if you want the best chance of completing them all.

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What do you think of these Thanksgiving Feast Missions? Are they easier, or more difficult than the other set of Thanksgiving Missions, in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.
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