FrontierVille Squash Collection: Plant this new crop to earn rewards

Amidst the set of new Thanksgiving Missions in FrontierVille, we see the quiet launch of a new crop in the game. This crop comes in the form of Squash, and it is available to plant from the "Special" tab in the market, and in fact must be planted in order to pass the first Thanksgiving Mission.

Since this is a normal crop, however, you'll also potentially earn collectibles when harvesting it, with these items going towards the new Squash Collection. As seen above, the Squash Collection requires five items: Squash Soup, Squash Gratin, Stuffed Squash, Fried Squash, and Squash Medley.

When you've collected all five, you can turn in the collection for an Accelerate Animal Boost, and 50 XP.

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Will you plant Squash just to complete this collection, or are you going to stick with the more profitable or established crops for the time being? Let us know in the comments.
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