Digital Chocolate launches Ninjas Rising on Facebook

Digital Chocolate has been busy yet again this week, releasing another completely new game on Facebook, this time called Ninjas Rising. The name might be familiar to some of you, as we first heard the name before Epic Fighters launched earlier this month. At the time, when we didn't know what Epic Fighters' final name was, we knew that Digital Chocolate was working on something called Ninjas Rising, we just didn't know that it, in itself, was also an entirely new game.

Are you ready to live the life of a ninja? Meet us behind the break for more on this sneaky new game.

It's a move that shouldn't be unfamiliar to Facebook game enthusiasts - that being to take a game that has already been released, and to re-release it under a new color scheme. Digital Chocolate did the same with Millionaire City and its spin-offs Vegas City and Hollywood City, and now they've done the same with Ninjas Rising, as it is basically Epic Fighters, but with an oriental twist.

You'll begin the game by naming your Ninja, choosing your gender, and your facial expression. You'll also choose your primary and secondary weapons (blades, ranged weapons, blades, the mystical arts, and so on). From there, you'll be met with the same text-and-story-based gameplay that you may have become familiar with from Epic Fighters.

You'll complete jobs in a Mafia-Wars style, using Chi, or energy, to complete jobs. Each time you tell your character to complete a job, you have a chance of revealing more of the story associated with that particular task. You'll meet various non-playable-characters, or NPCs along the way, and you'll also be interrupted at various intervals to enter into combat with other ninjas, or all around baddies.

These battles play out automatically, or you can skip the scenes entirely and jump straight to the rewards (assuming that you win). As your character levels up, you'll become stronger, earning more Health points, Chi, and so on.

With this game being so similar to Epic Fighters, it leaves new players (that is, new players to both titles) with a choice - do you take on the mystical, fantasy filled path in Epic Fighters, or do you go the way of stealth in Ninjas Rising?

[Image Credit: Digital Chocolate]

You tell us - which of these games interest you most? Or, if you've already made a large dent in the world of Epic Fighters, will you also play Ninjas Rising? Let us know in the comments.
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