YoVille Thanksgiving furniture and decorations now available

A new section has popped up in the YoVille Furniture Store, and as you might expect, it's purpose is to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Will there be items in this theme that will make us all say thanks? Let's find out.

As of this writing, there are just 27 items available in the Thanksgiving 2010 section of the store, however, there's a lot of variety here, so most people should be able to find something they want to purchase. It's actually coming up with or otherwise finding the YoCash to purchase some of these items that will be the problem.

As for the items themselves, there are cute outdoor crop patches that can be added to your back or front yards to make them look like you've brought a little bit of FarmVille into YoVille, and you can guard those pretend crops with a T-Day Scarecrow which costs 3 YoCash.

There are decorative squashes, a lovely cornucopia, pumpkins, and other food dishes, including a plate of broccoli drumsticks, and even everyone's favorite cranberry sauce from a can. Finally, there are plenty of natural decorations like wreaths, hanging leaves and even scattered leaves that you can place on the ground under a tree to add a bit of realism.

We're not sure whether or not this will be the last of the Thanksgiving items YoVille will release to the Furniture Store, so keep that in mind when spending all of your (very) hard earned coins or YoCash.

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Meanwhile, let us know what you think of this year's release in YoVille. What other Thanksgiving-themed items are you hoping to see? Sound off in the comments.