YoVille Thanksgiving costumes will make your avatar say "Gobble, Gobble"


Just yesterday, Zynga offered us a sneak peek of Thanksgiving-themed costumes that would be coming to YoVille. We haven't had to wait that long for the items to actually release in the game, however, as you can now choose from both male and female avatar items at the game's Clothing Store.

There are seven items, each of which is available for both girl or boy avatars. For the girls, you'll find the cute turkey and Native American costumes we told you about yesterday, along with an adorable black and white Female Pilgrim costume. You can pick up two types of pilgrim hats and a feather headband to complete either costume.

For boys, the same sorts of items are available, but of course in the mail versions. The Turkey Costume is the same, while the Native American and Pilgrim costumes come with pants and larger tops, instead of skirts and more revealing tops.

As has become the norm with themed YoVille clothing, if you'd like to complete an entire ensemble, you'll need to spend both coins and YoCash, as the main costumes cost coins (all go for 2,300 each), and the head pieces (including the Turkey Hat) cost YoCash, ranging from 6-10 YoCash.

While these are expensive costumes, if you're looking for a way to really jazz up your Thanksgiving celebration in YoVille, this is a pretty easy way to do it.

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Will you purchase any of these costumes for your YoVille avatar? What other kinds of costumes would you like to see released before the holiday arrives? Let us know in the comments.