Ooh la la! French Week is here in Millionaire City

Millionaire City French Week
Millionaire City French Week

Millionaire City loves to have week long themes, and this next one is sure to please anyone who loves romantic locations with beautiful architecture and delicious food and desserts. French Week is the next major theme in Millionaire City, and today debuted five new items to kick the whole thing off.

There are two new French houses available. The first is La Maisonnette, which requires level 18 to buy. The second is the Parisian Town House, which is locked until level 21. There are also two new items for decoration, the Art Nouveau Lamp and the famous Moulin Rouge. Finally, there is a new commerce available in the form of the Louvre Museum, which requires level 30.

These items do all state that they'll be around for another 13 days, so it would seem that this French Week is actually "French Almost Two Weeks" but we don't mind. It's fun to have something new and exciting to look forward to each week. Hopefully the next few French items will bring something that everyone can enjoy and get excited about.

Do you like Millionaire City? What's your favorite French building that you'd love to see in the game?