Old Navy brings It Girl affordable fashion sans talking mannequins

Old Navy
Old Navy

And the next brand to take a seat under the Facebook games money tree is--drum roll, please--Old Navy? Yes, ladies, Old Navy fashion has arrived in It Girl. CrowdStar has brought in the Old Navy store to the game with a new mission for you shopaholics. To access the new content, just click on the button on the right-hand side of the screen and you'll be transported right to the Old Navy store.

Then, all you need to do is find and buy all 20 basic items in the store, though there is a wide selection of Couture clothing to buy for Facebook Credits as well. It appears that a lot of the items are actually inspired by clothing you can find in Old Navy today, which is more than clever on the company's part. You won't be able to find and buy all the items at once, however. The racks and shelves will restock over time with the rest of the outfits you'll need to uncover.

Furthermore, there is a new party for you to attend called the Old Navy Gobblepalooza Party, which has almost nothing to do with Thanksgiving outside of its title. In this Nightlife Event, you'll have to defeat two girls in Showdowns ranked at Very hard difficulty and pay a 10 Dollar cover charge for 36 experience. If this event gets a good enough turn out, it looks like It Girl could be a hotbed for retailer-branded events in the future.

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