New FarmVille Agricultural Alchemy animal and building now available

It's Thursday, which means that we've seen another late-night update launched in FarmVille, with this update seeing Zynga releasing new items in the Harry Po---- err, Agricultural Alchemy theme. Tonight, we see the release of one new animal, and one new building in the theme, and we've got all of the details on how you can add these magical new items to your farm.

The new animal is the Wizard Duck, which costs 14 Farm Cash. Like other ducks, it can be harvested, and at a rate of once every 2 days. Meanwhile, the new building is the Wizard Castle, which is far more expensive at 40 Farm Cash. For making the splurge on this FarmVille version of Hogwarts, you'll receive 1200 bonus experience points.

Remember, for those looking for a gift to send a FarmVille friend, both of these items can be gifted, as they are premium items. But we won't tell if you decide to just keep them for yourself instead - no one would blame you.

Which of these Agricultural Alchemy items are you most excited about? Which items would you like to see added to the theme before all is said and done? Share you thoughts with us in the comments.