Mall World partners up with Nickelodeon for VicTORious promotion

Mall World Victorious
Mall World Victorious

Mall World has teamed up with Nickelodeon to help promote the second season of the hit show VicTORious. In this TV show, young aspiring star Tori Vega attempts to make it big while navigating high school life at Hollywood Arts. Mall World's promotion of the show includes a brand new store filled with outfits from the show, and also a new theme of Dressing Room Game in which you have to match accessories to an outfit on a character from the show.

The new store features tons of items modeled on cartoon depictions of the characters from the show. Some of the available clothing items and accessories include the Tori Plaid Blazer, Destiny Leather Jacket, Tori's Make It Shine Dress, Vega's Party Dress, and The Jade Lace Sweater.

This is a pretty decent promotional crossover, although we suspect that the Facebook gaming demographic doesn't align directly with the demographic of those who watch Nickelodeon shows about teen girls. This could still end up being a profitable advertisement for VicTORious considering that Mall World has almost 6 million monthly players.

Do you play Mall World? Do you like promotional stores like this, or would you rather do without?