Internet Users Save $8,000 a Year More Than Those Without Access (But Spend More)

an internet connectionWe all know that there are all kinds of online services and websites that help us save money, but would you believe being online adds up to almost $8,000 a year in savings -- and that's after taking the cost of being connected into account. While online shoppers may save more by being connected, online bargain hunters may still spend more money.We all know there are all types of websites that help online consumers save money. From the basics like food, shelter and clothing to savings on buying a car with a tool like CarWoo and deals on travel. There are an almost endless number of ways that being online helps consumers when it comes to saving money.

The information comes from a report released by the Internet Innovation Alliance titled The Real Cost of the Digital Divide. The report details the savings available only to online consumers in 10 common categories. In a press release about the study, author and certified financial planner Nicholas J. Delgado noted the importance of a connection to the Web, saying, "A critical step in shutting down debt and developing smart financial habits is getting online."

10 ways being on the Internet saves you money

The report states that the group of offline Americans, "a disproportionate percentage of whom are minorities, seniors, lower income or live in rural areas – miss out on these cost savings every day."

Even though recent studies, like the Pew Internet & American Life Project show some uptick in the number of minorities coming online, there is still work to be done in providing affordable online connections to all Americans so that they have access to savings, jobs and more.

It's not all savings though for connected consumers, at least those who search for bargains. A PayPal UK study from August 2010 found that online shoppers who go looking for discounts spend up to 50% more online than consumers who pay the going price.
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