Insurance Industry Hiring Facebook Obsessives, Tweeters

social networking Social media amateurs as well as professionals could find a nice home for yourselves in the insurance industry, reports

The Center for Marketing Research at UMass Dartmouth conducted a study of how the Fortune 500 companies use Facebook as a platform for communications and sales. What it found was that the insurance industry ranked No. 1 in leveraging Facebook to achieve commercial goals. In addition, insurance was big in its reliance on Twitter. Given the industry's need to connect with both businesses and consumers, this turning to social media should be no surprise.

Of course, the insurance industry is hiring those with a passion for social media as well as contracting with outside public relations firms for these skills. Compensation ranges from about $75,000 to $130,000.

The trick is for you to identify which particular insurance corporations and which public relations agencies are looking for your help. You can find this out by going to their websites, searching online at job boards such as, or simply calling their marketing, corporate communications, and, if they exist, social media departments. Ask for the name of the manager, then request to talk with that person. Pitch yourself. Next ask if there are any openings or whether the manager is aware of some at other organizations.

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