FarmVille Thanksgiving Decorations: Squirrel Pumpkin, Duck Balloon, & More


Along with the new Thanksgiving animal and buildings that were released in FarmVille this evening, we also see the release of four new decorations that we can be thankful for.

The new decorations are split evenly between those that are premium items and those that go for traditional coins. For those willing to spend some Farm Cash this holiday season, you can pick up the Squirrel Pumpkin (a formerly Sneak Peek item) and the Duck Balloon (which finally makes an appearance - see the release of the Cow and Horse Balloons earlier in the week). The Squirrel Pumpkin costs 15 Farm Cash, while the Duck Balloon costs just 5 Farm Cash.

Meanwhile, if you wish to save your Farm Cash and spend just coins, you can purchase either the Harvest Cart or the Flamingo Grass. The Harvest Cart costs 50,000 coins, and rewards 500 experience points for purchasing, while the Flamingo Grass comes in at the bargain price of 2,000 coins.

All of these items are currently labeled with a 12 day time limit, which should give you plenty of time to decide whether or not to purchase any of these items in between bouts of real-world holiday festivities.

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Let us know what you end up purchasing (or not) in the comments. What other Thanksgiving-themed items would you like to see released in the game this year?