FarmVille Thanksgiving Animal & Buildings: Chicken Turkey, Cornucopia Home, & Pilgrim Cabin

It's time for another major item release in FarmVille, and tonight's update brings with it some items that we recently gave you guys some sneak peeks of.

The new items come from the Animals and Buildings sections of the FarmVille marketplace, with the new animal being the Chicken Turkey, and the buildings being the Cornucopia Home and Pilgrim Cabin.

With the release of the Chicken Turkey, we finally get to help this little fella escape a sad fate this Thanksgiving, as we can offer the Turkey-in-a-Chicken-disguise a permanent home on our farms. He'll cost you 18 Farm Cash to rescue, and he can be harvested every 2 days (but will thankfully never receive the actual axe).

Meanwhile, the new buildings are the Cornucopia Home and the Pilgrim Cabin, one of which we knew was coming, and the other being a surprise (the latter). The Cornucopia Home is a premium item, costing 15 Farm Cash, while the Pilgrim Cabin will set you back 300,000 coins, and will reward 3000 experience points in return.

All three of these items have a current time limit of 12 days, at which time they will leave the store, presumably for good, or perhaps just until next year's Thanksgiving celebration.

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Will you add any of these three items to your farm this holiday? Let us know which of these items is your favorite by leaving us a note in the comments.